Waitress Gets Pic With George W. and Laura, Then Makes SICKENING Move They Didn’t Expect

Waitress Gets Pic With George W and Laura Then Makes SICKENING Move They Didnt Expect

Though this didn’t happen yesterday, it’s still incredible and shows just how thoroughly the media has indoctrinated young people’s thoughts to be negative about anything the left hates… like Bush.

After receiving a $40 tip from former President George W. Bush back in 2016 and snapping a photo with him and his wife, waitress Leisa Smith made the biggest mistake of her young adult life by sharing the picture on Twitter with what many believed was a very despicable caption.

“bush (sic) did 911 but he did me a solid and left me a hella tip #,” she tweeted last March, only moments after the former president and his wife left the establishment where she works.

According to the U.K.Daily Mail, the backlash was swift and brutal, and for good reason — insulting a man after he gives you a tip and poses in a picture for you is both crude and ignorant.

Plus, as one angry Twitter user wrote, “Bush didn’t ‘do’ 9/11, terrorists did.”

Leisa Smith Tweet

Smith eventually removed the tweet and replaced it with an explanation for why she chose to disparage the former president.

She wrote that she meant the tweet as a sarcastic joke and that she never dreamed of making light of 9/11 or the people who lost their lives that tragic day.

Speaking with Mic.com that tried to explain away her internet infamy, she added that she had been attempting to mimic a meme she frequently sees on Twitter.

“I have a couple of friends that use the meme a lot and they were the only ones I was expecting to see the tweet,” she said. “I was just trying to get a laugh out of my friends but I in no way actually believe the conspiracy.”

That makes sense. Though judging by the angry reactions that Smith’s apology on Twitter received, many refused to believed her.

Let this serve as a lesson to millennials. When a man or woman of great stature does you a solid, say “thank you,” show appreciation and, most importantly, refrain from making stupid “jokes.” Your friends will forget them, but the internet won’t.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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