Voters Furious After Ruth Bader Ginsburg Wears “Dissent Collar” Over Robe


Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, conservatives around the nation have breathed a sigh of relief because his victory appeared to ensure that the Supreme Court would remain in conservative hands for the next generation.

Trump will have to appoint a justice to replace Antonin Scalia, and it is possible that during his presidency he may have to appoint one or two additional justices, given the ages of some of those currently on the bench.

One of the justices who is likely to leave the court during Trump’s presidency is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who on Wednesday wore her “dissent collar” to court even though no rulings were being handed down that day, WND reported.

Ginsburg has several collars that she wears to court, one of which is nicknamed her “dissent collar” because she wears it only when she is in the dissenting minority.

Clearly this collar was worn as a way to protest Trump’s victory.

“I can’t imagine what this place would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president … For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that,” she infamously told The New York Times in July.

Trump quickly lashed out at Ginsburg over her comments, and she was forced to issue an apology to him.

There are no pictures of Ginsburg wearing her collar in the court, as cameras are not allowed, but NBC News had a sketch of Ginsburg wearing her collar:


Imagine if a conservative justice had worn this sort of collar after Obama had won in 2008. The cries of racism would still be heard to this day.

Ginsburg is probably very upset right now because Trump’s victory means that if she leaves the SCOTUS within the next four years (or eight, if Trump wins re-election), Trump is likely to replace her with a constitutional conservative who won’t try to legislate from the bench like she has.

Trump’s victory means that the Supreme Court will continue to defend America’s liberties for the next generation, and that is something to celebrate — even if liberals are smarting over it.

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