Voters in Big EU Nations SUPPORT Trump-Style Ban

Voters in Big EU Nations SUPPORT Trump-Style Ban

Liberals in America, and all over the world, have been shedding copious amounts of tears over the past few weeks in response to President Donald Trump’s temporary immigration ban.

The words “racist,” “Islamaphobic” and “hatred” have been thrown about like candy at a parade. However, what these liberals haven’t realized is that Trump’s ban — or at least the concept of it — is actually quite popular in some sections of the world, NBC News reported.

In fact, a poll of 10,000 residents in 10 European Union countries found that there was actually a large amount of support for an immigration ban like Trump’s.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Europe has suffered terror attack after terror attack for the past few years, thanks to the wave of refugees that have been pouring in for some time now.

Overall, 55 percent of those surveyed supported the ban. The support went as high as 71 percent in Poland. Some places, like the United Kingdom, had only 47 percent support, but no country that was surveyed had more than 32 percent of respondents disagree with the immigration ban.

The survey was carried out before Trump signed his executive order, CNBC reported. It is unclear if the messy roll out of the order, or its current legal status, would have any affect on its support within Europe.

CNN noted that this wave of support for a Trump-like ban could be a deciding factor in upcoming elections. In France, presidential candidate Marine Le Pen — who has talked about how France doesn’t have borders anymore — is seen as the populist candidate, and stands a good chance of actually winning, which could lead to the collapse of the EU.

While the courts in America have temporarily put a stop to Trump’s immigration ban, recent reports suggest that the Trump administration is redrafting the executive order — presumably to something that could stand up in court — and will be releasing it within the next few days.m That’s no doubt good news to the increasing number of Americans who polls show actually support Trump on the issue.

Europeans are finally starting to see just how damaging liberal policies have been for them over the past few years. If Europe continues its rightward swing, we could see the collapse of the EU and more countries taking actions to defend themselves from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

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