VIRAL: “They Draggin’ Me Now!” Female Thief Caught With Frying Pan IN LEGGINGS

They Draggin Me Now Female Thief Caught With Frying Pan IN LEGGINGS

A video from December 2016 has gone viral recently, allegedly showing a woman in the parking lot of an Ikea store being restrained by store security after she was caught shoplifting.

The woman was easily spotted shoplifting as she had taken a frying pan and quite literally shoved it down her pants in an attempt to hide it. However the “pants” she wore were actually skin tight leggings, which clearly showed the outline of the frying pan, and the handle that was sticking out.

The video of the woman showed her struggling against those who were holding her down, and screaming at the crowd of people who were gathered around.

You can watch the video below. Warning: Strong Language

KTVI reported that that the shoplifter’s name was Sierra Coleman, 28. Eventually Coleman took the pan out of her pants and threw it to the ground.

Given when she was keeping it in her pants, I’m not quite sure the store would want it back.

At several points throughout the video, Coleman claimed that she was pregnant, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported, though it is unclear if she was actually pregnant or if she was simply making that up.

Interestingly enough, Coleman was released on December 31st after she paid 10 percent of her $15,000 bond. She apparently had money for that, but not enough money for a $30 frying pan.

It’s really sad that this woman was living like this. She had no sense of personal decency or apparently the ability to realize that what she did was wrong.

Sadly there are many people like Coleman in America today — people who are simply too lazy to do anything to help themselves and prefer to try to take the easy way out, even if it means shoving a frying pan down your pants.

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