Vintage Gun Ad Wouldn’t Fly In Today’s Anti-Gun Climate


An image that has begun making the rounds on social media purports to show a 1950s Sears catalog ad featuring a family celebrating Christmas in a way that contemporary liberals would likely not appreciate.

The image shows a mother and father watching as their three sons examine the air rifles they just received as gifts.

While this might seem perfectly normal to the typical conservative, it would likely send a liberal running scared.

Take a look:

It should be noted, however, that this ad was in fact for Daisy Rifles — not Sears — and most likely not published until the 1960s, according to the left-leaning fact-checking website Snopes.

Granted, Snopes sometimes distorts the truth, but in this case, its findings were spot on:


That said, the theory that this ad would drive modern liberals crazy was based on the irrational fear many liberals feel toward firearms. But that’s more than just a theory — it’s a fact.

For proof, one need only look to The Huffington Post, which four years ago published a piece entitled, “21 Vintage Gun Ads That Will Make You Wince.”

Included among the ads cited was the Daisy Rifles advertisement above, surprise, surprise:


Were a firearms retailer to launch an ad like this in the modern era, there would likely be hell to pay in the form of mass boycotts and a public pressure campaign to ruin the retailer.

The fact is that liberals these days hate guns and everything about them, including their existence.

Irrationality and political correctness are the cornerstones of contemporary liberalism, a dying political ideology based not on facts and logic, but on an inexplicable fear of things as innocuous as Christmas advertisements.

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