‘The View’s’ Joy Behar Calls Trump A Traitor For Doing THIS … Backlash Is Brutal


The worst part was the applause.

When loudmouthed liberal Joy Behar took to “The View” after the third presidential debate to attack Republican nominee Donald Trump, she went beyond the usual Democrat rants. The co-host of the daytime panel show said something far worse than accusing him of racism, sexism and the laundry list of other “isms” that have become so nauseatingly familiar by now.

To liberals like Behar, just the act of opposing Democrat Hillary Clinton’s rise to succeed President Obama in the White House is an act that constitutes a capital offense – and the brainwashed audience apparently agrees.

It was an extraordinary moment, made even more extraordinary by the fact that some of what Behar accused Trump of doing has already been done by the woman she wants as America’s 45th president.

It came up when the liberal ladies were discussing Trump’s coy comment that he would not automatically accept the results of the Nov. 8 election. Behar dropped the “T” bomb, calling it treason.

“Everyone’s talking about how it undermines democracy, but he’s been doing that all along,” Behar said, with typical disregard for reality. “He’s been praising dictators. He praises Assad, who used chemical weapons on his people. He basically disses our country and our president and praises dictators and people who use chemical weapons on their people.”

Check out “The View” segment here.

Leave aside for a second that Democrats’ own the history of not accepting election results they don’t like.

Behar is conveniently omitting – and her audience might not even know — that Hillary Clinton herself was praising Bashar Assad, the dictator of Damascus, as a “reformer” not that long ago. And she wasn’t a candidate for office then. She was the United States secretary of state.

“There’s a different leader in Syria now,” Clinton said on “Face the Nation” on March 27, 2011. “Many of the members of Congress of both parties who have gone to Syria in recent months have said they believe he’s a reformer.”

Clinton’s statement came just as the military commanded by that “different leader” was cracking down on the misnamed “Arab Spring” protesters who were calling for his removal. And it was that crackdown that kicked off the Syrian civil war, the conflict that helped set off the massive influx of Muslim refugees into Europe and the United States that’s bedeviling the West today.

And here’s where Behar’s statement gets downright bizarre.

Because he basically is a traitor. He should be brought up on charges of sedition. Sedition definition—conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or a monarch. I think that making jokes about assassinating your fellow — what do you call her — nominee, Hillary Clinton, is the definition of sedition. If you look on Twitter, all these people are coming out of the woodwork making anti-Semitic tweets, racist tweets. he has incited sedition. He should be brought up on charges.

Trump’s pointing out the endless flaws in the Clinton/Obama approach to running foreign policy is an act of sedition? Maybe in some banana republic somewhere.

Running an opposition campaign against the sitting government in a supposedly democratic society is the equivalent of “inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or a monarch”?

Just who does Joy Behar think is the monarch in this situation? Maybe Barack Obama and his would-be successor – who all but stole the Democrat nomination from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders?

The social media backlash against Behar was brutal — and richly deserved.

Now, granted, some supporters of Donald Trump have made pretty offensive remarks on social media – as Behar pointed out – but it’s not like Hillary supporters are squeaky clean when it comes to Twitter attacks. And if anyone’s looking for real anti-Semitism — the kind that really degrades Jews as an ethnic group as well as the state of Israel — the place for that is, and always has been, on the left end of the political spectrum.

(The National Review’s Kevin Williamson, who could never be accused of being a Donald Trump supporter, made an excellent case for that in an April column. The headline, appropriately enough, was “Why the left hates Jews.”)

But liberals like Behar and her audience prefer their ignorance to any honest look at reality, and if Donald Trump is challenging Hillary Clinton, then Donald Trump must be guilty of sedition against the United States of America. By extension, then, in Behar’s view, millions of other Americans who support Trump against Clinton must be just as guilty.

It’s not surprising to learn again that Joy Behar is a fool. She’s proved it over and over again in her career on “The View.” (When she used the word “tramps” to insult the women who’ve accused Bill Clinton of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment, it was only a more recent example.)

What is surprising is that the audience apparently agreed. “The View” might not be known for sophisticated constitutional law discussions, or enlightened ruminations about the country’s foreign affairs, but the overwhelmingly female audience was presumably raised to be American citizens, with an American respect for the democratic process being played out in the Trump-Clinton fight.

Even after eight years of the Age of Obama, and surrounded by a media that spoon feeds the Democrat line on a daily basis, you’d think they’d have a higher respect for the country than to accept hearing a political opponent of the president being branded a literal traitor.

But they didn’t object, they applauded. And that was the worst part.

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