VIDEO: Woman Takes Screaming Son Outside Restaurant, Returns to Find Shocking Object at Her Table

Woman Takes Screaming Son Outside Restaurant Returns to Find Shocking Object at Her Table

Going out to eat at a restaurant can lead to all sorts of interesting interactions with people. Some are highly unpleasant, like people leaving nasty notes on other’s cars, but sometimes unexpected acts of kindness can make someone’s day all the better.

KOMO in Seattle reported that a mother in Bainbridge Island, Washington, was on the receiving end of an act of kindness after her son had a meltdown in the middle of a local eatery called the Madison Diner.

Lauren Nordberg’s 6-year-old son, Elliot, has autism and can get upset over the slightest thing. This time it was because his favorite table wasn’t available and the restaurant was noisy.

“Just after we ordered our food, he just spiraled into a complete autistic meltdown, yelling and screaming. It’s a temper tantrum on a whole another level,” Nordberg told the station. “I started to get looks, as we often do when we have a meltdown.”

Nordberg took her son outside to let him cool down, and when she came back in she discovered that someone in the restaurant had paid for her meal and left a note for her on the table.

“”It says, ‘Have a great day. You’re doing a wonderful job, God bless. From a mother who knows,’” stated Nordberg. “I started crying, the owner started crying, we start hugging. Elliot was like, ‘Hey mom, lets go.’”

Nordberg wasn’t the only one who was moved by the note. The restaurant owner told the station she was also incredibly touched by this stranger’s act of kindness.

“It was just a sweet moment. She didn’t know her, we don’t know her, she’s not a regular and she just really felt for Lauren and thought she was doing a really good job and wanted to pay it forward a little bit,” Madison Diner owner Cyndi Moody said.

Acts like these are truly touching. With so much anger and hatred in the world it is nice to hear about people working together and helping each other.

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