VIDEO: US Troops Get Shot at by Taliban Sniper… Troops Strike Back With EPIC Retaliation

VIDEO US Troops Get Shot at by Taliban Sniper Troops Strike Back With EPIC Retaliation

As a group of U.S. Army soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division — the “Screamin’ Eagles” — conducted operations on the ground near a mountain ridge in Afghanistan, they suddenly began to take enemy sniper fire.

Amazingly, it was all caught on camera. During filming of “The Hornet’s Nest,” a documentary filmed by an award-winning conflict journalist and his son, the world was given a front row seat to what happens after our troops take enemy fire.

As the Taliban snipers continued to fire into the group of soldiers and their vehicles, the American troops began using their equipment to spot their locations.

After identifying several ridge lines where the terrorists were located, the commander on the ground called in the “fast movers.”

In case you’re not familiar, military personnel refer to fighter jets as “fast movers.” They’re able to fire missiles and drop bombs with pinpoint precision — and that’s exactly what happened to the Allahu Akbar-shouting terrorists on the mountain who thought it would be smart to fire at U.S. troops.

Within minutes, huge explosions rocked the ridge line, turning at least three Taliban snipers into ground meat.

The troops on the ground cheered and morale was immediately boosted. But they didn’t take much time to celebrate, as the next order of business was to find another target (H/T Q Political).

And that’s exactly what they did. The fighter jet made several passes over the ridgeline and, in the words of Toby Keith, “lit up their world like the 4th of July.”

Perhaps after watching our troops in action, Taliban goat farmers with sniper rifles will think twice about targeting U.S. soldiers.

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