VIDEO: Trump NEVER Mocked Disabled Reporter… “It Never Happened”


As we enter the final stretch of the general election cycle, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has become so desperate that she is trying to dredge up old controversies involving Republican rival Donald Trump in an effort to sabotage his candidacy.

Clinton has referred to the infamous instance where Trump reportedly mocked a disabled reporter from The New York Times, Serge Kovaleski, at one of his rallies early in the election cycle.

However a video compilation put together by Catholics4Trump and the Liberty Alliance showed that when Trump made his infamous gestures when talking about the reporter, he wasn’t mocking him.

The video featured a montage of Trump talking about other people he didn’t terrible like (like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz) and it showed him doing very similar motions with his hands.

Anyone who’s watched Trump for the past year would realize that his sometimes-bizarre hand motions are simple his way of mocking people he doesn’t like. He does it regardless of whether the person is disabled.

Further analysis on the video showed that the reporter in question actually can’t move his arm freely. However, none of this mattered to liberals.

They simply captured an image of Trump that looked like he was mocking the reporter, put it next to a photo of the reporter, and plastered that all over the airwaves.

You can watch the full video below:

The Clinton campaign is so desperate to stop Trump that they will lie and smear his name if they think it will earn them a point. It’s up to us to spread the word and inform the American people of the truth.

The media certainly isn’t going to report the truth about Trump.

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