VIDEO: Truck Driver Is Boarded by “Refugees”… Gets Brutal Payback With 1 Quick Turn of His Wheel


A truck driver headed for the United Kingdom from France delivered an epic rant while in his tractor trailer before he swerved his rig to scare migrants walking on the shoulder.

The video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday with English subtitles, shows the truck going through the traffic to get through the tunnel that will take him and other trucks to England.

The approach to the tunnel in Calais has been the site of much controversy, as many migrants have resorted to violence or self-smuggling in order to get themselves across the border into Great Britain.

The video begins with multitudes of migrants — all young men, much to the consternation of the media who have tried to paint the migrant crisis otherwise — walking down the shoulder of the highway. While they do that, the truck driver delivers a rant (which is extremely obscene when translated into English — consider this fair warning!) against the “refugees.”

“There is a lot of them again,” the driver says. “Here are the kids. Hello! Why don’t you sons of b*****s go back home and fight? Your women got the weapons and fighting against … ISIS! F*** you!”

Things begin getting hairier as more and more refugees come, with some of them trying to “board” the man’s truck. He tries his best to keep them off, though.

This goes on until about the 4:50 mark of the video when a huge group of refugees is clogging up the shoulder. Seemingly beyond frustrated, the driver swerves towards them. While dangerous, it seems mostly like it was meant to scare them. However, one of the refugees picks up an object and hurls it at the truck’s windshield.

Video below (again, the language is VERY graphic):

Eventually, the driver comes upon the police, who are with a larger group of refugees up the road.

“Look! We need a line of policemen to defend the highway from these filthy bastards!” the truck driver exclaimed.

A scary incident which shows just how dangerous and chaotic the border at Calais is. And this is what our president wants to import into America?

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