VIDEO: Thug Picks Fight With Retired Boxer Named “Champ”… Bad Idea

Thug Picks Fight With Retired Boxer Named Champ Bad Idea

A person should never pick a fight with someone that the locals all call “Champ.”

That was a lesson that a young thug found out in this video.

The thug is seen drinking some substance and talking trash to another gentleman who is standing by nonchalantly.

In the background the crowd of people warn the thug not to mess with the other man they call “Champ.”

Of course the thug doesn’t want to listen and rolls up on him.

People in the crowd can be heard to say that “Champ” will put this thug down quickly.

And the “Champ” does just that, in a matter of about two punches.

The “Champ” knocks the thug out cold without ever getting hit.

The crowd laughs and carries on in disbelief how quickly it happened and how “out cold” the thug is.

Finally someone attempts to roll the thug over to check on his condition.

(WARNING: Language not safe for children or work)

It just goes to show you that it is a bad idea to get into a fight with a man nicknamed “Champ.” (H/T

It has also been said that you should never take any wooden nickels and you should never play cards with a man named Doc.

Other advice via Jim Croce would be never to “tug on Superman’s cape, spit into the wind, pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger and don’t mess around with Jim, Slim” or “Champ.”

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