VIDEO: Thieves Beat Man at Gas Station, Fail to Steal His Backpack

Thieves Beat Man at Gas Station Fail to Steal His Backpack

It is a sad fact of life that our nation’s capital has more than its fair share of criminals and petty thieves, and we aren’t necessarily talking about the Congress critters or faceless bureaucrats that populate the surrounding metro area.

According to WTTG, D.C. police recently released some dramatic footage captured by gas station surveillance cameras of an assault and attempted robbery in the early morning hours of Feb. 19, in the hopes that the would-be thieves can be identified and apprehended.

The video showed a dark-colored sedan pull up next to a gas pump, but the man who exited the passenger-side door of the car didn’t move to fill the vehicle up. Instead, he crept towards a light-colored SUV parked by a nearby pump.

The thief opened the driver’s side door of the SUV and proceeded to grab a backpack, quickly moving to return to the waiting sedan. Unfortunately for him, the owner of the backpack and SUV was nearby and noticed what had happened. Instead of backing down or letting the backpack go, he chased the thief down and grabbed his bag back before the thieves could leave.

The two men then struggled in a sort of tug-of-war over the bag for a moment under the glare of the lights, with the victim even being slammed to the ground and losing a shoe in the melee. Eventually, the thief’s accomplice joined in the fight and gained possession of the bag.

However, much to the surprise of the thieves, the victim was not as out of the fight as they had thought. He jumped back up and moved toward the sedan, first attempting to enter the locked backdoor, then racing around the backside of the car to confront the thug with his bag entering the open driver’s side door.

In the end, the man got his bag back and the would-be thieves decided to cut their losses and move on empty-handed, racing out of the bright parking lot and into the early morning darkness, probably looking for easier prey.

The video of the incident can be watched here, courtesy of LiveLeak (WARNING: graphic violence):

Nobody knows what was in that man’s backpack, probably not even the thieves, but whatever it was it was important enough to the man for him to risk his life in a one-against-two struggle that could have ended very badly for him.

Had this not been in D.C. or another of the major urban gun control havens for criminals, this “victim” could have been armed to protect himself from the thieves, and likely wouldn’t have had to physically struggle with them and risk injury or death to keep his belongings where they should be, firmly in his own possession.

Hopefully, the release of the video will help the police track down the bad guys who tried to rob this man.

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