VIDEO: Thief Tries to Steal Man’s Trump Sign, Gets Nasty Surprise Instead


Anti-Trump liberals are some of the vilest people on the face of the planet. Headlines across the country show Donald Trump’s supporters being physically assaulted and having their personal property vandalized by these idiots, who think no one else is entitled to have an opinion unless it falls in line with theirs.

One such moron tried to steal a Trump sign, but they got a nasty surprise instead.

When an Indiana Trump supporter, identified only as “Philip,” posted a Trump sign in his yard, it didn’t take long for an anti-Trumpster to come onto his property and steal it. Undeterred in his display of support for his candidate, Phillip decided to post a second sign in his yard. Only this time, he had a brilliant plan to catch the thief in action.

First, he set up a hidden camera in a nearby tree. Then, he attached a fishing wire, which he spray-painted green, to the sign. Next, Philip waited — and it was worth it.

It didn’t take long before Philip’s newly displayed Trump sign lured the thief, and this time, the entire theft was caught on video. Hilariously, things didn’t fare well for the female sign-snatcher. Unfortunately for her, she was unaware the sign was attached to a fishing wire, and instead of running off with the sign as planned, she face-planted head first into Philip’s front yard as she attempted to flee.

Philip thinks all Americans should be entitled to their opinion, despite who they are voting for. “Whether it’s a Bernie or Hillary or a Trump sign, you might disagree with whatever the politics are, but it’s not yours. Leave it alone,” he said.