VIDEO: Punk Kid Blows Cigar Smoke in Teacher’s Face, Gets Bitter Justice He Never Saw Coming

Punk Kid Blows Cigar Smoke in Teachers Face Gets Bitter Justice He Never Saw Coming

Last month, a 10-second YouTube video showing a punk kid from North Little Rock High School defiantly blowing smoke in his teacher’s face went viral.

According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, that student, 18-year-old Christopher Dunn, finally got handed justice on Monday when authorities in Little Rock arrested him on charges of harassment.

The paper added that the incident occurred on Dec. 14 after the Dunn refused a request to take his final exam in the hallway and his teacher threatened to write him up for it.

As the teacher reached for the intercom button, Dunn reportedly said, “Hit that button … I dare you.”

Then as Dunn’s teacher turned away to pen the write-up, the rambunctious youngster lit a cigar, walked up to the teacher, took a drag and then blew the smoke in his face.

Thankfully, the whole incident was recorded and then uploaded to YouTube by a student known only as “J Doe.”

To see the encounter for yourself, please watch the video below:

Ruffians like Dunn are a dime a dozen in Little Rock, whose school district reportedly contracts with the Pacific Educational Group, a radical leftist organization that believes in combating alleged “white supremacy” by giving disruptive black teens special treatment.

Instead of inspiring students to behave better, however, this “special treatment” actually does the opposite by teaching young black kids that they will face zero consequences for their poor behavior and bad attitude.

Thankfully, this particular hooligan wound up getting the punishment he deserved anyway, thanks to the authorities in Little Rock.

Judging by what district officials told reporters, however, he will likely face zero in-house repercussions.

“The student will be disciplined according to district policy,” Micheal Stone, district director of student services, reportedly said in an email.

In other words, nothing will happen to him … besides him going to jail, of course.

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