VIDEO: Prisoner Is Asked Why He Killed His Cellmate… His Answer Shocked the Court


While we don’t advocate prison justice, in some cases, we can certainly understand the thinking behind it. This prisoner certainly believed he was in the right when he killed his bunkmate in jail, and many are agreeing with him.

The video below is from the sentencing hearing of a man named Steven D. Sanidson pleading guilty to the second degree murder of his cellmate in Iowa.

The hearing begins with the man pleading guilty to the crime and being asked if he understands what he’s doing. He answers, “Yes, sir,” to each question.

The video then shifts to his rationale why he did it.

“The reason I killed him was because he was a child molester.”

“So, you did indeed kill him?” his attorney asks.

“Oh, sure, yes,” the man said. “He was my bunkie and I had found out that he was in prison for child molestation — a really bad case. That night, he was trying to justify why he did it, so I just told him to be quiet and that he would have to leave in the morning and find a new cell.”

However, his cellmate — 67-year-old Theodore Dyer — kept on justifying his crimes, so Sanderson became violent (H/T Top Right News).

“So, he was a little bit bigger than me, so I got down, and I hit him in his face a few times,” Sanderson told the judge. “When he fell, I wrapped a cord around his neck and I took his life.”

No right-thinking person should advocate murder, but child molestation is a crime that enrages even the most sedate among us. So when it comes to being in prison, a child molester is by far the worst thing you can be.

And Theodore Dyer certainly found that out.

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