VIDEO: Mom Furious After Video Captures Son Being Forced to Kiss Another Boy at Day Care

Mom Furious After Video Captures Son Being Forced to Kiss Another Boy at Day Care

A mother in Oklahoma was furious after Snapchat video showed her son being forced to kiss another boy during a game of spin-the-bottle at his day care.

According to KFOR-TV, Ardmore mother Dominique Green was furious after an employee from Little Angels Day Care posted the video, which was from a few months ago, onto Snapchat. Green’s friend alerted her to it.

“She told me, ‘You know, I don’t know if you’re going to like this video. You know, it’s really bad,’” Green said.

“The girl is playing spin the bottle,” the clip was captioned. It then showed Green’s 4-year-old kissing another boy, with a caption that implied that the two were being forced.

Green called the day care, hoping that she could get the situation rectified and an apology issued.

“She said, ‘Well, I looked at it, and I don’t see anything wrong.’ So, from then on, she said I blew it out of proportion by calling the day care,” Green said.

After the incident was reported to Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services, however, things began to change. They found that the day care worker had acted inappropriately. Of the two employees present at the time, the U.K. Daily Mail reported, one was no longer with Little Angels Day Care and the other has received training after the incident.

Video below:

“It’s sick, and I don’t see anything funny about the video. It’s sickening for a mother to watch that, and I just sit back and don’t say anything about it?” Green said. “It’s already on social media. So, everybody has seen my son being bullied and doing sexual things. It’s just crazy.”

Managers at the day care denied that the game was “spin the bottle” and said that children often kiss and hug. The captions indicating that the game was “spin the bottle” and that the two boys were being forced, however, went unaddressed.

If you’re one of our ûber-liberal readers —  one of those individuals who reads our stuff because it raises their blood pressure and gives them a jittery kick at a cheaper price than fair trade coffee — you may be wondering why anyone would freak out. After all, you’re saying, there’s nothing wrong with children learning to be open and accepting at a young age. Shouldn’t this mother be a little more accepting?

Fine, then. What if they told a Jewish or Muslim child to eat pork? After all, there’s nothing inherently wrong with eating pork — unless, that is, your religious or personal beliefs necessitate against it.

A teacher or day care worker would never force their students to eat pork (or meat, should they come from a vegetarian family) because they know the problems they would cause.

Yet, in a country where the majority of the population is still Christian, the workers at this day care still thought that it was OK to do this without parental permission. Unbelievable.

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