VIDEO: Man Yells 3 Brutal Words In Hillary’s Face, Her Response Is Priceless


Hillary Clinton hasn’t been doing so well on the campaign trail. When given the chance, it seems the public doesn’t mind reminding the presidential hopeful what they really think of her. Proving just that, a man decided to confront Hillary by screaming 3 brutal words in her face – but it’s her response that has everyone talking.

The incident took place back in February when Hillary spoke with supporters at Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire. After recently being posted to Twitter, the video of the ordeal has just taken off, being watched over 12 million times at this point.

When Hillary went out to shake hands with the common folks, she didn’t exactly know what was in store for her as she approached a man named Louis Alciere. As it turns out, he had something he wanted to say and decided to shout, “Hillary for prison,” right in her face as she walked by.

To the surprise of many, Hillary didn’t exactly respond as anyone would think. Since she thought Louis had said “Hillary for President,” she shot back, “Let’s make it happen,” which is absolutely priceless, considering what he really said.

Louis posted the video with the description, “You heard her Supreme Court. She wants to be in prison #letsmakeithappen.” As one would imagine, there aren’t too many people out there that don’t find the video comical.