VIDEO: Man Sticks Hand in Hole in Rock… What Happens Next Had Everyone Screaming


We’ve done our fair share of stories about strange things found in holes and other dark spaces. Sometimes these finds are amazing, and other times they’re amazingly frightening. We’ll let you be the judge of the following story.

In a video recently uploaded to social media, a group of children pointed out a hole in a rock with some spiders in it to a man who was with them.

The man hesitated for a moment, then reached into the hole and quickly pulled out literally hundreds of spiders. Apparently, what can’t be seen in the video is a clump of spiders just inside the hole.

One can understand a few spiders in a hole, but this man pulled out hundreds of the little monsters.

When the ball hit the ground, they scattered everywhere, causing the children to shriek.

It is not known where this footage was taken but it is believed to be somewhere in North America, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

We also don’t know the identities of the people in the video, but we don’t really need to know that to get the full creepy effect of a man reaching into a dark hole and pulling out a ball of spiders.

For whatever reason, the man in the video believed the spiders would not bite and were not poisonous, which apparently gave him the courage he needed to freak out everyone else. For true arachnophobes, this fact would not matter.

I’m not sure that would be enough for me to reach into a hole and grab a bunch of spiders, either.

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