VIDEO: Man Beats Woman Publicly in Brutal Shariah Law Punishment

Man Beats Woman Publicly in Brutal Shariah Law Punishment

A horrifying video published this week by Canadian journalist Tarek Fatah showed an Indonesian woman in a pink headscarf kneeling before a crowd of mostly men who then erupted into cheers as a masked flogger struck her across the back with a cane until she collapsed to the ground in aching pain.

Reportedly recorded in 2015, the video was a demonstration of what Fatah described as “(l)ashing as public entertainment” in Aceh, which, according to The Guardian, is the only province in Indonesia that strictly abides by Shariah law.

This particular woman’s crime was unknown, according to the U.K. Daily Mail, which added that in Shariah-law nations, simply taking a stroll without a male guardian is punishable with beatings as severe as this.

The video of what occurred to her may be seen below, though we must warn you that it is HIGHLY GRAPHIC:

After the lashing, the woman was carried away by paramedics.

While there have seen been some cries of outrage at Shariah crimes against women — particularly from conservatives — there has been total and utter silence from the left, as was noted by The Daily Wire commentator Amanda Prestigiacomo.

“(T)here was no planned march, no statement, no condemnation,” she wrote. “Instead, the Women’s March Twitter account was littered with applause for the ‘resistance’ to Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, a woman who is a proponent of giving poor children school choice.”

“If those who align themselves with the Women’s March are dedicated to ‘intersectional’ women’s issues, if they care so deeply about gender equality, where is the condemnation of such brutal female oppression, as seen in this video?” she continued. “Of course, here in reality, we all know this will never happen. Islam is a no-go zone for feminists.”


Liberal feminists have no problem moaning about the alleged oppression imposed on them by U.S. President Donald Trump, who in reality has done absolutely nothing to interfere in their constitutional rights. But they are reticent about addressing the real and oftentimes gruesome oppression experienced by women in Muslim countries.

Why is this? Is it that liberal feminists lack the courage to speak out against Islam? Or is it rather that they have become so blinded in their ignorance and petulance that they genuinely cannot recognize the inherent evil of a woman being publicly lashed in front of men for disobeying a system of law that in itself is oppressive and just plain wrong?

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