VIDEO: Little Girl Scared After Objects Seemingly Move Around in Room

Little Girl Scared After Objects Seemingly Move Around in Room

Security cameras captured terrifying moments of alleged paranormal activity — all while a child was alone in the house.

The video, which was shared by the U.K. Daily Mail, has now gone viral. A concerned father posted the video online to show the world what was going on in his house.

In the first clip, the girl was sitting on the floor playing with two dolls, while another doll sat on the floor across the room. Halfway through the video, the lone doll twisted its head as if trying to get a better look at the girl.

The video then flashed to another scene. In the second clip, the girl was scribbling on some paper at a table in front of a couch. Just moments later, some papers flutter toward her. The girl stared for a moment before fleeing the room.

However, she came back and hesitated, before more papers fly across the table. That’s when the girl fled for good. The rest of the video is simply chilling.

The papers began to fly around while random objects under the table move. A black object on the table slid off and hits the floor. That’s when the table started to rattle and move toward the couch.

Watch the whole horrifying video below:

No wonder the father posted the video online. Any parent would be concerned if this happened to his child.

If this isn’t some sort of elaborate hoax (which, of course, it very well could be), we’re surprised the family hasn’t already moved out of the house — before they start hearing voices telling them to.

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