VIDEO: Hunter Spots Deer in Woods, But Notices “Scarf” That Saves Deer’s Life


Virtually everyone who has ever gone deer hunting — even many non-hunters — know that orange is the universally recognized color for “don’t shoot” while in the woods, hence why most hunters and even some hikers tend to wear it while traversing forested areas.

But it isn’t always humans who wear orange to keep from being shot, as a Wisconsin hunter learned while searching for deer on the day after Thanksgiving, according to WKRC.

Brian Powers had his rifle at the ready when he spotted a beautiful young buck, but immediately lowered his weapon upon noticing the bright blaze orange scarf around the deer’s neck, opting to start shooting with his cellphone camera instead of his gun.

“All of a sudden here comes a deer, and he has an orange scarf on. And he just kept walking and I said, ‘Oh my, he must be somebody’s pet or being fed by someone or being taken care of by somebody,’” Powers said.

“Right when he got parallel on the logging road to where I was off the road, he stopped and turned and looked right at me and I said, ‘Wow, this is unbelievable,’ so then I called him over and he walked right in,” he added.

Indeed, the young buck that had yet to grow a set of antlers, sporting only a pair of furry nubs, was most likely an orphaned fawn taken in and raised as a pet by a caring human, or perhaps one that repeatedly dined on food left out by somebody, according to Deer Worlds.

Based on the not-too-skittish and friendly attitude of the deer toward Powers, it was obvious that it had encountered humans before, seemingly confirming Powers’ suspicion that they young buck was somebody’s pet.

“Keep your head low man; make sure people see that orange, alright?” Powers said to the deer at one point in the video as he scratched and petted his head.

As for taking a shot at the deer, Powers said the thought never even crossed his mind. “I don’t know how anyone could have possibly shot that deer,” he said

You can watch the deer’s nearly 10-minute long interaction with Powers right here (CAUTION: Some explicit language from the surprised hunter):

This is further evidence of the caring nature of most hunters, as this man could have easily bagged the deer and removed the scarf before anybody even knew about it.

Instead, the man spent a few moments socializing with the beautiful animal before going on about his business, leaving with the hope that he would see the same deer again next year, this time with a nice new rack of antlers on display.

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