VIDEO: Here’s Why You Should NEVER Cut Off a Semi-Truck… This Is Insane

Heres Why You Should NEVER Cut Off a Semi-Truck This Is Insane

Most of us drive at least once a day, and we sometimes get in a habit of not exactly paying close attention to our surroundings while behind the wheel.

There are plenty of videos floating around online that show why not paying attention or driving while distracted can lead to dangerous and sometimes fatal accidents.

For example, one video that has been circulating on social media lately features a car on the interstate that changed lanes directly in front of a semi-truck — something the driver likely regretted instantly.

A dash camera in the semi-truck capture the entire incident on video, and a Facebook user called ViralHog posted it to the social media site. Watch the video footage here:

The silver car moves from the far right lane of traffic into the middle lane and then into the far left lane, however, the driver apparently didn’t look to see if there was another vehicle in the left lane before crossing over — or perhaps they looked, saw the semi-truck, and thought they could cut it off.

Semi-trucks obviously cannot stop on a dime, so the one in this video had no choice but to ram into the back of that silver car, sending it into the guardrails before it swerved back onto the road.

The Facebook user who posted the video said that no one was injured in the accident, despite how bad the wreck appears from the footage.

However, it should still serve as a warning to all of us to always be aware of our surroundings while driving, and never try to cut off a semi-truck.

It won’t end well for you or your car.

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