VIDEO: Former Soldier Sees Woman Dropping From 11 Stories Up… Makes EPIC Move To Stop Her Fall


A former soldier in China committed an act of bravery that few of us would ever think about when he attempted to catch a woman who fell from an 11th story window.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Feng Ning, 23, heard screams for help as he was walking past an apartment building. He looked up and saw a woman dangling out of the window, so he quickly moved into action.

As the woman fell, Ning ran forward, arms outstretched, to try to catch her. Unfortunately, the woman died from the fall, and Ning ended up in the hospital with injuries of his own.

Practically speaking, there was nothing he could have done to save the woman, as a fall from 11 stories up pretty much guarantees death unless something breaks your fall.

However, the bravery displayed by Ning in this situation was amazing and should remind all of us to do more wherever we are, even if the situation looks hopeless.

“I just wanted to save her. I knew it was dangerous, but I couldn’t stand by and do nothing,” Ning said.

Caution: Graphic Footage

As a result of catching the woman, Ning tore three of the four ligaments in his knee and dislocated his right shoulder. Ning’s hospital bills are expected to exceed $12,000.

Ning only recently left the army and was starting college, so he cannot afford the hospital bills. Thankfully, several of his teachers and fellow students are stepping forward to help cover the cost of his surgeries.

It is unfortunate that Ning was unable to save the woman, but his act of bravery should not be forgotten.

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