VIDEO: Customer Makes McDonald’s Cashier Cry, Then Pulls Camera and Stuns Entire Room


It is, we’re constantly told, a season for giving. It would be hard to know it, though, especially when the commercials on TV and the displays in the local shopping mall are constantly telling us to get presents for ourselves.

To remember how much the spirit of giving can mean, though — especially to someone in need — check out this video from KDEC-FM in Decorah, Iowa, which was shared by Love What Matters.

KDEC, a northeast Iowa station that bills itself as being “for people who love music” on its website, spent the holiday season sending “secret Santas” around the area to help out people in need. They would film the encounters on their cell phones and post them online for others to see — like this one with a McDonald’s cashier who had a 15-month-old at home.

“She is always smiling and so cheery, like she was this morning,” KDEC said, “until we asked what she wanted to get for her daughter this Christmas.” That’s when the mother began talking about how things were going kind of rough for her new family and how she was just trying to get through the season on a cashier’s salary.

That’s when the secret Santas decided to give her something that would help her out a great deal — $100 to celebrate the season with her family, with the only stipulation being that she passed on the kindness somehow.

One look at that mother’s face as she breaks down in tears tells you all you need to know about the true reason for the Christmas season, doesn’t it?

“Thank you to Decorah Bank & Trust Co. and some Secret Santas for making this hard working mother’s day! We hope she and her 15 month old baby have a happy holiday!” KDEC-FM wrote.

Right back at you, KDEC-FM — thank you for reminding us again what the true meaning of the Christmas season is about. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you support what these awesome people are doing.

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