VIDEO: Cops Escort Giant Mysterious Object Through Calif. in Dead of Night


A video of a large, mysterious object being escorted by police has caused a great deal of concern and speculation over what it could be.

The video, which was reportedly filmed at around 10:30 Tuesday night, showed a large grey structure, which was attached to a long flatbed truck, traveling through East Ventura, California. A metal bracket appeared to hold the large metal structure in place as the truck moved slowly down the road.

A police escort of cars and service trucks with flashing lights and sirens blaring accompanied the truck hauling the object.

Take a look:

YouTube user Somiskid posted the video and asked, “What is this thing round 2!!??”

Strangely, it isn’t the first time he had seen something like this on California roadways. In June, he also captured something similar moving through town late at night.

While the video stirred up a bit of controversy, most people commenting about what the strange object could be came to the conclusion that it was a transformer.

Transformers can come in many shapes and some of them can be quite large.

Transporting such a big load would be an arduous task and one best when done when there is the least amount of traffic possible, which explains why the mystery cargo was being moved at night.


A police escort could simply be to ensure that the large, heavy load made it to its destination. Should traffic need to be redirected or stopped for any reason so the vehicle could pass, the police would already be on hand to make sure everything went smoothly.

But the sirens would seem to indicate there wasn’t a lot of secrecy planned.

While the mystery object wasn’t immediately explained by authorities, it appeared that the object was unlikely to be part of clandestine government operation.

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H/T U.K. Mirror