VIDEO: Cop Draws Gun on Driver for “No Reason”… But Look What His Body Cam Caught


At a time when the Black Lives Matters movement has created such a thick anti-police atmosphere, law-abiding police officers are often accused of making the wrong decision.

A perfect example of how critically important perspective truly is was recently displayed in a video released by the Trinity, Texas, police department, which showed two perspectives of a situation that could have easily spiraled out of control.

The video started with a view from Officer Randy Wheeler’s dash cam, which showed him pulling a truck over into a gas station parking lot. As Wheeler approached the man in the truck, within seconds he had his gun drawn and in the man’s face.

Obviously, it’s impossible to understand why he would do such a thing when it looked as if the driver was in full compliance.

The video then switched to Wheeler’s body cam, which showed a more complete view of the incident and highlighted the difficult snap decisions officers are forced to make on a daily basis.

In the front seat of the truck was a loaded handgun.

As soon as Wheeler asked the driver about the gun, the driver foolishly reached for it and in that split second, Wheeler had his firearm out and trained on the suspect (H/T WZ).

The driver had a traffic warrant out for his arrest and was also charged for his unlawful firearm possession and transportation of illegal prescription pills.

Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones had some wise parting advice for the anti-cop crowd at the end of the video.

“The next time you see a questionable video involving law enforcement, remember this video and remember there could be more to it that you cannot see. Show your intelligence by reserving your judgmental comment until the facts are revealed,” Jones said.

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