VIDEO: CNN Correspondent Cancels Ferguson Report After Being Intimidated by Protesters

CNN Correspondent Cancels Ferguson Report After Being Intimidated by Protesters

The city of Ferguson, Missouri, has been on edge the past few days after a new “documentary” came out that claimed to prove that Michael Brown didn’t rob the store in the incident that led to his death — but the documentary is very misleading.

CNN corresponded Nick Valencia went out to Ferguson on Monday night to do some reporting from there, but instead of being able to interview people and report on the situation, he got the true Ferguson treatment.

Video posted on Valencia’s Twitter page showed that when he arrived in Ferguson, a group stopped his car and threatened him and his crew with violence if they didn’t leave and stop filming.

“We would have loved to bring you a report tonight, but these guys came up to our car, flipping the bird … trying to intimidate us, saying they are going to pull their guns on us,” he says in a video posted on his Twitter page.

In a separate video, Valencia shows one of the people on the window of the car they are in, holding a camera and recording. The caption to the video says that the men “threatened to harm us” if they didn’t shut down their live shot.

Many of the residents of Ferguson have been brainwashed to the point where they actually believe the false narratives surrounding Brown’s death, and they won’t let anyone tell them otherwise.

While we may not like CNN very much, they have a right to report on what is happening in Ferguson. These thugs were completely wrong in threatening Valencia and his crew just because they are scared of what CNN might say.

Maybe now CNN will realize just how bad things are in Ferguson and will start reporting the truth of the situation, not the puff-pieces the network has been writing for the past few years.

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