VIDEO: Clinton Disorientation Worsens… Doesn’t Seem to Recognize People She Knows


Hillary Clinton’s visibly declining health was considered only a topic for conspiracy theorists until her ignominious collapse at a 9/11 memorial ceremony. Less than a month later, even after cancelled events and more coughing spells, the media seems willing to buy that this was all just a case of pneumonia.

If you’re one of the people who believes that narrative, you probably won’t want to see this video. Posted to YouTube on Oct. 4, it showed Clinton extremely disoriented after a news conference.

The video began with Clinton finishing a news conference and thanking everyone very much for coming out.

That’s when things begin to get a little … well, let’s just say she doesn’t seem to be in complete control of her faculties. Take a look:

“Where’s Jennifer? Did Jennifer leave?” Hillary seemed to ask, looking right through an assistant right in front of her. When the assistant talks to her, she seemed to snap out of her bizarre trance and head straight out of the room.

Fifteen dollars says that she was having some sort of Celebrex-induced hallucination and was looking for Gennifer Flowers.

Let’s face facts: If this had happened to Donald Trump, it would pretty much be front page news. The cold open on “Saturday Night Live” would be Trump losing his bearings. Sarah Silverman would launch a fusillade of vulgar tweets hoping that he would die of Alzheimer’s (and inexplicably manage to reference her genitalia in each and every one).

This video clip, meanwhile, has been so effectively buried that I’d venture to guess that this was probably your first time seeing it.

While I certainly don’t wish the indignities of old age upon Hillary Clinton — or anyone, save murderous dictators, child molesters and Tom Green — there’s no use in politely ignoring it when someone is running for leader of the free world.

Hillary Clinton’s health should be a critical issue. It’s time the media started focusing on it.


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