Video: Amtrak Train Blasts Snow on Commuters

Amtrak Train Blasts Snow on Commuters

Northeasterners have a complicated relationship with snow. They’ll complain when they get a lot of it — and then complain when a predicted 18-inch storm only drops three inches on their town and then turns to rain.

For the most part, unless you were close to the coast, this week’s nor’easter delivered its promised allotment of disruption and what the media always likes to call “travel headaches.”

According to The Poughkeepsie Journal — a publication one would have little reason to doubt, as it’s the paper of record for New York’s Dutchess County and the northern Hudson Valley — the town of Rhinebeck received nine inches of snow.

That’s not cataclysmic, but it’s certainly enough to cause brave commuters to forego the car and stick to trains. After all, according to WNBC-TV, the Rhinecliff station in Rhinebeck provides direct service to New York’s iconic Penn Station.

So, instead of arriving at your job in Midtown after struggling to maneuver the car over icy roads and then trudging through a subway system with limited service, you arrive at your office well-rested, relaxed, all with crisp attire.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, there’s this:

WNBC blamed the incident on the train driver going too fast for conditions.

“The man who shot the video above, Craig Oleszewski, told News 4 it appeared the train overshot the platform by a bit,” they said.

While I’m sure clumsy driving was at least partially to blame for this, here’s a friendly bit of advice: if you’re at the station and the tracks are covered, just stay away. Trust me, things will go a lot better.

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