VIDEO: 5 Girls Attack 1 Other Girl… Suddenly a Hero FLIES Into the Frame and Takes Them All On


When some people see others being beaten to a pulp, they stand by idly and do nothing. The same cannot be said for a heroic good Samaritan who took a stand when he saw five girls viciously attacking a sixth as she lay on the floor begging for mercy.

A video recording of the incident uploaded to in July of 2014 showed five girls repeatedly hitting and kicking the sixth at what appeared to be a school in China.

At around the :25 mark, a male student suddenly rushed out of nowhere and quickly and rather effortlessly used his superior physical prowess to give the five ladies a painful taste of their own savage medicine.

The beat-down they received from him was rather severe and could perhaps be construed as unfair, given that they were females.

Mind you, several Reddit users pointed out that it looked as if one of the five girls tried to stab him with some sort of dinner knife, thus provoking him into releasing a brutal series of punches.

To see the altercation for yourself, please view the graphic video below:

Violence is an unfortunate behavior, but sometimes it is a necessity to stop a crime, whether it’s in China or the United States.

Had this brave fellow not intervened, the punishment experienced by the original victim could have been much worse.

Of course, the remaining question is this: Why did the onlookers, included the schlub who recorded the video, do nothing themselves?

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