Veteran Faces Federal Charges for Displaying Flags at VA Park

Veteran Faces Federal Charges for Displaying Flags at VA Park

A Vietnam veteran could face federal charges for one of the most patriotic things a person can do, and it’s enough to make anyone sick.

Robert Rosebrock, 74, could face jail time for posting two 4-by-6-inch U.S. flags on the fence of a Los Angeles National Veterans Park facility on Memorial Day in 2016. Rosebrock also was being criminally prosecuted for taking photographs without permission that day and on June 12, 2016.

A hearing to dismiss the charges was scheduled for March 7, but if the vet is found guilty on any of the charges, he could spend up to six months in federal prison.

Watchdog group Judicial Watch announced it would provide legal representation for Rosebrock, but has questioned whether the case, which was brought by the Obama administration, would still be pursued under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The VA facility where Rosebrock hung his flags is part of the Veterans Home of West Los Angeles, which sits on 388 acres. Every Sunday and Veterans Day since 2008, Rosebrock and fellow veterans have traveled to the Los Angeles National Veterans Park to protest what they believe is the VA’s inefficient use of the organization’s property to care for veterans.

Rosebrock has dedicated a good portion of his time to raising awareness about the plight of homeless vets across the country, and the best the government can do is handcuff him and treat him like a criminal.

Rosebrock’s attorney Robert Sticht appeared on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday and said the issue should be “an outrage to not only all Americans but to our president.”

“How in the world can you prosecute and attempt to jail someone for hanging the American flag?” he asked. That’s a great question.

Judicial Watch President Tom Litton said the charges were mind-blowing, and we agree.

Let’s hope the Department of Justice has the sense to make this case go away now and stop wasting time and money on such a ridiculous effort.

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