Valerie Jarrett Pushes Gun Control In Huffington Post Op-Ed


Senior adviser to the president Valerie Jarrett wrote a piece in The Huffington Post that was supposed to be a message to end gun violence, but the way she tied in her own story was an example of how one can take a personal tragedy and turn it into something to push an obvious agenda.

Jarrett shared that she went to a vigil to honor the fourth anniversary of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre but, “didn’t have the strength to share” her personal story with the crowd as she had one year ago.

However, she was somehow able to share her story online the next day.

In essence, Jarrett took her family’s tragedy and turned it into an op-ed about gun control. She basically “killed off” her own grandfather — who reportedly died defending himself from two burglars — to essentially say that Americans should not own guns.

Jarrett’s piece described her grandfather’s incident thusly:

“My grandfather was an avid hunter and owned several guns. He practiced dentistry in an office in the basement of his home here in D.C. Forty-five years ago, two burglars broke into his office in search of opiates. They threatened my grandfather with what turned out to be a toy gun. In an attempt to scare away the burglars, my grandfather pulled out one of his guns. They grabbed his gun, then shot and killed him.”

She then went on to write, “I am haunted by the question of how many more years would he have lived had he not pulled out his gun?”

She then ended her editorial by targeting the real issue that she wanted to address saying, “It is understandable to want to purchase a gun to protect oneself, but I’ll never forget my grandfather’s example — that we are not always safer just because we own a gun.”

And that, ladies and gentleman, is how you cynically use the death of a loved one to push a political agenda — a political agenda that loved one didn’t even agree with.

It’s disgusting, but we should know by now that these people will stop at nothing.

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