US Gov’t Could Save $27 Billion by Cutting All Santuary City Funding

US Govt Could Save 27 Billion by Cutting All Santuary City Funding

One of President Donald Trump’s many executive orders that he has signed in his first two weeks in office was an order vowing to cut off funding to so-called “sanctuary cities” unless they agreed to work with the federal government in identifying and deporting illegal aliens.

If Trump were to follow through on his promise, assuming these cities don’t end their sanctuary city status, the savings to the taxpayers would be staggering, a report by found.

If the funding to all 106 sanctuary cities in the United States were ended, that would save an estimated $27.741 billion that is currently given to these cities either as direct payments or in the form of federal grants.

Imagine everything that could be done with that money. We could build roads, bridges or even fund better military equipment for our troops.

CNBC noted that some estimates claim that Trump’s border wall could cost as much as $25 billion, something fiscal conservatives and liberals have expressed concern over.

Even though Trump has claimed that Mexico will pay for the wall, he has also admitted that the U.S. will probably start paying for it first. That $27 billion that is given to sanctuary cities looks like something that could be used to start funding the wall.

There is undoubtedly going to be an intense legal battle over Trump’s threat to cut off funding to sanctuary cities, NPR noted.

If these cities aren’t willing to hand over those who are breaking the law to the federal government, then our tax money shouldn’t be funding their flagrant violation of the laws of the land.

Maybe these cities will change their tunes when they start losing billions of dollars over a couple illegal immigrants. Let’s see how charitable the liberals of New York City are when their city taxes go through the roof because their mayor chose to side with illegals over American citizens.

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