URGENT: U.S. Border Patrol Under Fire at Border… Fingers Point to Sick Group


A U.S. Customs and Border Protection vehicle was fired on at the Arizona border over the weekend in a known hot spot for violent drug smuggling.

Customs and Border Protection officials said the incident occurred near Hereford Road, just south of Sierra Vista, according to KVOA. The area is close to the Brian Terry station, which is named after Border Patrol agent who was killed in a gun battle while he was trying to apprehend a group of Mexican cartel gunmen who were attempting to steal drugs from a rival drug-smuggling operation.

The agent in Sunday’s incident, who was not identified, heard several shots fired and saw two unknown individuals with a rifle in the distance.

Luckily the agent was not struck by the gunfire. He reportedly did not return fire.

The gunmen reportedly fled the area and were not immediately located, but Breitbart reported they were suspected of being tied to drug cartels.

Cochise County sheriff’s deputies and other border agents arrived at the scene in an effort to track down the suspected cartel gunmen. The suspects reportedly fled the area and were not immediately located.

Law enforcement officials continued to investigate the shooting.

Attacks like this are exactly why we need a wall to secure the border. Breitbart reported that Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan testified before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security Committee in September that Border Patrol agents are the most assaulted federal law enforcement officers in the country.

“There have been 7,542 assaults against agents since 2006 and 30 agents have died in the line of duty since 2003,” Morgan said, reported the Washington Examiner.

That’s 7,542 and 30 too many.

The sooner President-elect Donald Trump can get to building that wall, the better things will be.

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Source: conservativetribune.com