URGENT: Public Employee FIRED for What She Said About Trump

Public Employee FIRED for What She Said About Trump

An employee at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, a public school, was allegedly fired Monday for defending President Donald Trump’s first executive order on immigration from terror-prone countries to one of her co-workers.

According to The Daily Caller, after university law enforcement dispatcher Kim Dearman received an email from the university president early in February calling the executive order “very troubling,” she admitted to a co-worker that she supported Trump’s moratorium and believed America should take steps to prevent terrorists from gaining entry. (Trump has since issued a new order, after the first was stayed in court.)

On Monday, Dearman received another email — this one from Madeline S. Holzem, the university’s chief human resources officer — informing Dearman that she had been terminated for having allegedly used “threatening or abusive language” and engaged in “conduct unbecoming a University employee.”

Speaking Thursday evening with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, Dearman explained that all she had said that was terror-prone immigrants should not be allowed entry into the United States and should instead be sent back to their home countries in the Middle East. Listen:

Luckily for Dearman, news of her disgraceful termination spread like wildfire, leading to such massive backlash that the university rescinded its decision and offered to rehire her, according to a report published Thursday morning by Watchdog.org.

“Late (Wednesday) UWL admitted they wrongfully terminated her position,” her attorney, Lee Fehr, told the watchdog organization.

But by then, the damage to the university’s reputation had already been done, and it did not help that university Chancellor Joe Gow had tried to spin what happened.

“Gow denied Dearman was fired for her politics and shared more details of the incident,” reported the La Crosse Tribune. “According to Gow, officials received a complaint that Dearman had told a student of Asian descent that the student’s people should go back to where they came from.”

When did Asia become a part of the Middle East … ?

Either the student misheard Dearman or lied about what he or she heard, or Gow lied about what the student told his staff. Regardless, Dearman should not have been terminated, period.

“It appears to be the position of the University of Washington that Chancellor Gow and other leaders can send out emails to initiate political discussions, but it is offensive and abusive for employees to have a casual work place discussion about (these emails),” Fehr noted, perfectly highlighting the hypocrisy of the university’s actions.

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