Uppity Woman Disrespects U.S. Soldier In Line At Store… What Happened Next Will Have You Cheering


It’s unbelievable, but some people still lack any sort of respect for the men and women who wear the uniform of the United States military.

Most of these people are either supremely self-centered or just leftists who generally don’t see why those who put their life on the line so they can sleep at night should be honored.

One of our active duty servicemen, back from a tour in Afghanistan, ran in to one of these snooty liberals during a recent visit to a fast food restaurant, according to a Facebook post shared by Hrtwarming.com.

The soldier (name obscured here) posted his story on Facebook so that people would know that there are still people who honor those who don the uniform:



Seeing a liberal taken down like that would have been awesome enough. However, the story wasn’t over yet — not by a long shot.



This is a great story any way you slice it, but it should serve as a very important reminder to conservatives:

As much as it might seem daunting taking on aggressive, politically-correct liberals, let’s not forget that there are far more of us than there are of them. The only reason we think liberalism is omnipresent is because liberals are much more willing to make themselves loud and obnoxious to get their point across.

Most of us will never find ourselves in a situation as perfect as this. However, there are still plenty of loud liberals.

When we come across them, let’s make sure to make our voices heard. Rest assured, someone around us will thank us for speaking up.

If we’re lucky, perhaps it will even be someone who  honors the service of our brave men and women. Heck, they might even pay for our meal.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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