UPDATE: Hawaiian Cafe That Banned Trump Supporters Caves, Welcomes Them Back


A cafe owner who experienced severe backlash after forbidding voters of President-elect Donald Trump from dining at his establishment has formally rescinded his ban and removed the sign that stirred up the controversy in the first place.

The brouhaha began when the owners of the 8½ Cafe in Honolulu proudly posted a handmade sign on their restaurant’s front door that read, “If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis.”

Less than 24 hours after the story went viral Tuesday, owner Robert Warner removed the sign and made it clear that the unofficial ban had been laid to rest.

“If somebody came in and said, ‘Hey, I know you can’t tell who I voted for, but I voted for Trump — would you let me eat?’ I would say, ‘Sure, if you’re nice with me and I’m nice with you and you like my food, sit down, no problem,’” he told KHNL.


This reversal may have came too late, however, as the establishment’s reviews on Facebook and Yelp had collapsed to 1.9 and 2.0, respectively. Additionally, some former customers were simply not in a forgiving mood.

“I was so embarrassed as my client read this (sign) out loud,” one former customer told Fox News. “I couldn’t believe what I saw … My client immediately turned to me and said, ‘I guess we aren’t welcomed here.’”

“My firm will not patronize any establishment that serves up hate and discrimination and the word ‘Nazi’ just because of one’s political views,”  he added.

Celebrity Beth Chapman, a star on the reality program “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt,” felt the same way.

“I live in Hawaii and I voted for Donald Trump for President,” she said. “I would never refuse service to someone based on whom they had supported in an election. It’s totally unacceptable for anyone to breed such hate in the ‘Aloha State.’”

Sorry, Mr. Warner, but it appears the free market has spoken.

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Source: conservativetribune.com