UPDATE: FedEx Backs Driver Who Saved American Flag From Burning

FedEx Backs Driver Who Saved American Flag From Burning

Last week, a FedEx driver in Iowa gained national attention when he stopped a group of protesters from burning an American flag. A reporter caught the driver on video putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher and rescuing the Stars and Stripes.

The video went viral, with most of the country showing support for the driver’s brave actions.

FedEx weighed in on the situation Saturday and stated that the driver, eight-year Army veteran Matt Uhrin, will keep his job.

The company posted to its social media account that it had reviewed the matter and Uhrin “remains a FedEx employee and we have no plans to change his status.”

That’s good news, unless you’re a flag-burning leftist.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, it was Thursday when Uhrin said he was delivering packages and spotted protesters burning the flag in a public space in Iowa City. It didn’t take long for him to respond. He quickly grabbed a fire extinguisher and approached the protester, put out the fire and grabbed the flag.

Take a look:

In an interview with KCRG-TV, Uhrin said he didn’t feel like a hero, and that the real heroes were the ones who have sacrificed for this country.

“I don’t feel like I deserve the praise. I never wanted it, just it’s humbling, you know,” Uhrin said.

“Each person has their own reason why they signed the dotted line. The ones that are really the heroes are the ones that are maimed, killed, that never got to see home again. They’re the heroes.”

The “FedEx guy” added that he’s received quite bit of attention for his actions but wants nothing in return. He added that if anyone wanted to show appreciation for his actions, they could do so by donating to charities for veterans.

What a great response — from FedEx and Uhrin. We can never have enough people standing up for the flag at a time when our country has never seemed more divided.

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