UNREAL: Washington Post Reporter Humiliated as His Fraudulent Trump Quote Is Found Out


Here’s what “journalist” Philip Rucker of The Washington Post reported recently about a recent townhall event featuring Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump: “Trump on immigration: We are going to stop that poison from flowing into our country.”

Sounds pretty terrible, right?

Sure, except that Trump was talking about heroin. Trump said that, if elected president, he would build a wall and close the borders to “stop that poison from flowing into our country,” Breitbart reported.

“We have to stop the drugs from pouring into our country. Believe me, it is poisoning our country. It’s poisoning our youth. And we’re going to stop it, and stop it fast, long before the wall gets up,” he said. “We’re going to start that wall fast. I get ’em built fast. But I’ll tell you, long before, we’re going to stop that poison from flowing into our country.”

Rucker took what Trump said about the drug and made it look like he said that about immigration.

After a bit of backlash on the internet, Rucker posted that Trump’s poison comment was about his border wall stopping heroin from entering the country, “though it came in the context of immigration.”

Huh? Nice try.

Rucker is no doubt attempting to backpedal on this comment, but he will have a hard time convincing people that he wasn’t trying to initially paint Trump as a bigot.

It’s a good example of how the left manipulates words in order to get its agenda across.

Rucker is only one of many biased journalists giving the mainstream media a bad name. He should be ashamed of what he said, but if he’s like many liberals, he has no shame.

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Can you believe how much media hates Donald Trump?!

Source: conservativetribune.com