UNREAL: Fake News Targets Spicer, Pushes Bizarre Lie About What He Eats!

Fake News Targets Spicer Pushes Bizarre Lie About What He Eats

We’ve seen some bizarre fake news stories over the past few months targeting various people involved with the Trump administration. This time, the media has gone after press secretary Sean Spicer — and the reason why is truly unhinged.

The piece has to do with the new press secretary’s habit of chewing and swallowing cinnamon Orbit gum. He first revealed this during a profile in The Washington Post back during the campaign season.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the story lay mostly dormant until everyone decided that it was time to bring Spicer’s gum-chewing back up from the depths.

When we googled it, here’s what we got:


Good grief. Well, at least there’s not anything important going on in the world. It’s been a pretty slow news week, after all.

The media apparently decided it was time to have a field day with it. The Huffington Post tried to have a reporter duplicate Spicer’s habit; they could only get through one pack and “belched frequently” in what we can only describe as Gonzo journalism of the lowest order.

“The Daily Show”‘s Trevor Noah also got in on it, according to Mediaite, even dragging a doctor on air to assure everyone that the habit is dangerous. (Spicer has said the practice had been cleared by his personal doctor.)

However, the most bizarre piece came from the Washingtonian, who said that Spicer, at his rate of consumption, spends well over $1,200 a year on gum. “That much gum could add up to serious financial investment over time,” they said. HuffoPo put the price of his gum habit at $5 a day — “more than a latte,” they wrote.

That’s not borne out by the facts of the original piece, however. “Spicer, a commander in the U.S. Navy, says that he buys his gum through a military commissary where goods are sold at cost,” the Free Beacon reported. “He can get a three-pack of Orbit for just $2.20, which comes out to about 73 cents per pack. Using the two-and-a-half packs of gum per day rate posited by the Washingtonian, the habit would cost Spicer about $800 annually.”

Now, it’s not just that this is fake news. It’s more a question of who would even care about this. No, I would not chew and swallow cinnamon gum. No, it does not cost him $1,200. It would not cost him as much as a latte a day, which would be $1,460 at Starbucks.

And no, there’s not a reason in the world for anyone to care.

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