Unexpected Actress Defends Trump… Drops Reality Bomb On Lib Trump-Haters


Kristin Cavallari, a television personality, actress and fashion designer, responded to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s widely circulated lewd comments about women on tape 11 years ago, providing a balanced, logical, reality based take on the situation — which liberals absolutely hate.

Cavallari was asked about the Trump tape on the SiriusXM program, “Wake Up With Taylor,” where she noted that she believed that the comments were just “locker room talk.”

“I can’t just do a smile and walk away?” she asked, in reference to being asked about the topic. “I actually do think guys do talk like that — they do. However, as a woman, as a mother, no I don’t want to hear that, but guys are kind of sleazy and they do talk about that kind of stuff.”

The left has tried to make this into an identity politics issue to the benefit of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton — since her gender is the only thing she can run on, given her abysmal record and policy platform — but as Cavallari noted, “Some of my girlfriends talk like that!”

The host tried to spin Trump’s comments, as many liberals have tried to do, into assault, even though that’s not what he said. Cavallari responded that, of course, assault is 100 percent wrong, but said the word didn’t apply to Trump’s comments.

“Guys with power, money, they kind of can get any girl, unfortunately,” she said. “Girls do throw themselves at these guys, they kind of can do whatever they want, which isn’t necessarily OK.”

The second part was particularly important. As Trump noted, women allowed him to do things because of who he was. It’s morally repugnant, but it isn’t assault, and Trump has apologized for the comments.

Cavallari continued, “I do think that kind of talk happens more than we think. Obviously, as a woman, no, I don’t want to hear that guys are talking to women like that.”

You can listen to her comments here:

Bottom line, there’s no defending Trump’s comments but, as Cavallari noted, they aren’t nearly as horrible as people are making them out to be.

Some of the people who are criticizing Trump have almost assuredly said as bad or worse (or done worse, ahem, we’re looking at you, Bill Clinton) as they hypocritically lash out at Trump for his comments because of politics.

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