UH-OH: Principal Harasses Pro-Life Group Near High School, Learns It Was a BAD Mistake


A high school principal in Fort Wayne, Indiana, went ballistic after seeing a group of people displaying pro-life signs on the sidewalk adjacent to school property.

Unfortunately for him, the incident was caught on camera, and soon the South Side High School principal was in hot water.

In a letter addressed to “Superintendent Robinson, Ft. Wayne Public School Board Members and Counsel,” the Thomas Moore Society accused Principal Carlton Mable of “aggressively” approaching the Created Equal workers and making “less than veiled threats” toward the individuals in the group.

Note that Mable repeatedly terms the high school in the video below as “my property.”

The principal’s actions were unacceptable, even if they had been on school property — which they were not.

Fortunately, police eventually arrived at the scene and reinforced the group’s right to protest in public, at which point Mable denounced the materials Created Equal was distributing as “pornographic.”

Now Mable is facing multiple accusations, according to Thomas M. Dixon, an attorney representing Created Equal:

1. He aggressively approached our clients on a public sidewalk.
2. He verbally accosted them.
3. When he saw that he was being videotaped, he made less-than-veiled threats toward our clients.
4. He mischaracterized a public sidewalk as being school property.
5. He asserted a false right to “protect” students from being exposed to speech he deemed inappropriate.
6. He forcefully took our clients’ property from them and threw it in the street.
7. In the presence of many students, he thereby flouted and squelched our clients’ First Amendment rights.

I hope that the district doesn’t merely apologize; this man needs to lose his job.

Seriously, what kind of example does this set for students?

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Source: conservativetribune.com