Uber Driver Fatally Shoots Would-Be Robber


As the world around us becomes more dangerous and uncertain, our Second Amendment rights become increasingly important, as evidenced by a recent situation in Florida.

Namique Anderson, an Uber driver in South Florida, was transporting a passenger around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday when someone driving a minivan cut him off near the Aventura Mall, located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, according to the New York Daily News.

The minivan driver, identified as 24-year-old Kevin Johnson, approached the Uber driver with two handguns in an alleged attempt to rob Anderson. But what the would-be robber didn’t know was that his target was armed too.

“(Johnson) exited the vehicle with two firearms and pointed them at the driver of the Uber and made some demands,” Sgt. Chris Goranitis, spokesman for the Aventura Police Department, told WFOR.

Anderson, 29, responded by quickly retrieving his own firearm, and, according to police, wasted no time defending himself and his passenger.

The Über driver reportedly shot Johnson four times, fatally wounding him, according to the Associated Press. Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene.

Two other alleged accomplices in the minivan immediately sped away after Johnson was shot, and police were still searching for them.

Police determined that Anderson was a lawful gun owner with a concealed carry permit, Goranitis said, according to the AP. But, although he won’t be facing any charges over the incident since he was acting in self-defense, he could lose his job as an Uber driver.

According to Uber’s policies, both drivers and passengers are prohibited from carrying weapons while using the ride-sharing service.

A company spokeswoman told the Sun-Sentinel that Uber was investigating the shooting, but it was not immediately clear whether Anderson would face any disciplinary action from his employer.

Neither he nor the passenger in his car were injured during the incident.

We need more stories like this — stories about lawful gun owners using their constitutional rights to defend themselves and others in scary situations. If Anderson hadn’t been armed and willing to protect his life and the life of his passenger, this situation likely would have ended a lot differently.

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Source: conservativetribune.com