U.S. Troops Have Been Wounded Fighting ISIS in Iraq

US Troops Have Been Wounded Fighting ISIS in Iraq

A number of U.S. military troops operating around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul have been wounded by Islamic State group militants within the past six to eight weeks.

“They have come under fire at different times,” Air Force Col. John Dorrian said very matter-of-factly during a news briefing Tuesday at the Pentagon, according to CNN. “They have returned fire at different times in and around Mosul. That has happened at different times.

“When someone is shooting at you, that is combat,” he added. “Yes, that has happened.”

According to the Department of Defense, Dorrian provided his briefing from Baghdad on behalf of Combined Joint Task Force — Operation Inherent Resolve. As explained on the operation’s official website, its mission is to defeat the Islamic State group via the help of regional partners.

Sadly, this mission has not come easily. CNN reported that a “number of troops had been wounded” badly enough to require medical evacuation, but it was unclear exactly how many.

The same could be said of the situation in Syria, according to The Military Times, which early last month reported that at least 14 American military personnel “have been wounded in combat since the start of October while battling Islamic State fighters in (both) Iraq and Syria.”

“Although comparatively small when measured against monthly casualty reports from the height of America’s full-scale conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the numbers suggest that more U.S. troops are being sent closer to the Islamic State’s front lines to direct or help local forces who are in the lead,” the Times added.

As things heat up even further in the Middle East — which they are likely to do now that President Donald Trump is the commander in chief — such reports are apt to become more commonplace.

And this is why our brothers and sisters in uniform overseas will need as much love, as much support and as many prayers as we can possibly provide them in the upcoming months.

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Source: conservativetribune.com