U.S. Marines Gets Unstoppable Rifle Magazine That’ll Have ISIS Running

US Marines Gets Unstoppable Rifle Magazine Thatll Have ISIS Running

The rifles used by U.S. Marines used to suffer from stoppage, a problem wherein the weapons would lose the ability to be fired due to a cartridge not feeding properly from the magazine to the breach of the rifle.

As of last month, however, these problems were no more, courtesy the Marine Corps, which chose to make the Magpul Industries PMAG GEN 3 magazine the official magazine for all its personnel.

As reported by Fox News, this magazine was no joke: “The Magpul Industries PMAG GEN 3 is a magazine for rifles that ensures the user stays lethal in a fight. More than 20,000 rounds fired? No problem. Still no magazine stoppages.”

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. This magazine can withstand extreme temperatures as low as 60 degrees below zero Fahrenheit all the way to as high as 180 degrees. Moreover, it worked with all types of bullets, could easily be reloaded and could also be quickly disassembled and cleaned.

Even SOFREP, a platform that allows special operations insiders to provide their keen insight on the latest military news, was impressed.

“This decision hit me as being one of the best decisions the Marine Corps has made, among many others, in their attempt to remain at the cutting edge with their warfighting capabilities,” one of the site’s contributors wrote.

You can learn more about the new magazines here:

According to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, the Marine Corps did not select Magpul’s GEN M3 PMAG series of magazines on a whim. Rather, it spent several years conducting tests, all of which proved that it “performed better than every other magazine.”

One could argue that the Marines have always been unstoppable since their inception in 1775. However, with the addition of the Magpul Industries PMAG GEN 3 magazine, one could now make the case that America’s enemies would be more foolish than ever to even try.

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