U.K. Shariah Judge: You Can’t Ask Muslims Not to Have More Than One Wife


In light of the ongoing Muslim migrant crisis in Europe, coupled with the increasing appearance of “no-go” zones and Islamic Shariah law courts across Europe, we remind you of what Britain’s first female Shariah judge had to say about the relevance and sovereignty of U.K. law just over a year ago.

Breitbart reported in July 2015 that the U.K. had recently witnessed a “surge” in Shariah court marriages, known as a “nikah,” which took place wholly outside of British law, unregistered and unrecognized by the government.

It was estimated that more than 100,000 Muslim couples had conducted their nuptials through the Shariah court instead of the government register’s office, leading to growing concerns that the women in these relationships were not fully protected under the law in the event that the relationship turned bad and a divorce with the equal splitting of assets proved necessary, two things unlikely to be granted by the Shariah courts.

Perhaps the biggest concern stemming from the growing parallel marriage system, though, was that it seemingly allowed for the practice of polygamy, which is forbidden under British law but permitted within a set of prerequisites by the Shariah courts, according to Courting The Law.

While one might think this was a non-issue, it turned out that more than a few Muslims and at least one outspoken female Shariah judge thought otherwise, holding Islamic law in higher regard than the established rule of law that governed everyone else in the kingdom.

According to the U.K. Express, the U.K.’s first female Shariah judge, Amra Bone, attempted to downplay allegations that the system of Shariah courts discriminated against women or encouraged the practice of polygamy.

“We apply Shariah principles within the law of the land. We are a voluntary body and can’t make orders. We just advise,” Bone said. “People don’t want us to be judgmental.”

As for the notion that the courts allowed Muslim men to take on up to four “wives” under Islamic law, Bone attempted to deny it with a joke, but nevertheless seemingly confirmed that the practice was indeed permitted, or at least that the courts looked the other way and ignored it.

“Most men will tell you, ‘I can’t look after one wife, never mind more than one,’” said Bone. “But we cannot — and the government cannot — ask Muslims not to have more than one wife. People have a right to decide for themselves.”

This is prime evidence of why Shariah law must be banned in non-Muslim nations, as it sets up an entirely independent system of laws that are sometimes incompatible with the established law of the land.

Allowing these parallel systems of law to continue will undermine the normal rule of law and spark further resentment against the migrants by the native population and encourage a continuation of the abusive and discriminatory practices against women that are apparently permitted under the Shariah courts.

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Source: conservativetribune.com