Two Teachers Stand in front of Class to Address Rumors. Moments Later, One Teacher Is Left Sobbing

Two Teachers Stand in front of Class to Address Rumors Moments Later One Teacher Is Left Sobbing

Fifth Graders are all about gossip and rumors. A fifth-grade teacher at Harry Russell Elementary in West Carrollton, Ohio, finally had to open a discussion about a particular rumor they had been spreading.

Science teacher Jason Seifer and math teacher Ally Barker were secretly dating. When one of their students was snooping on Facebook and found out that they were in a relationship, the rumor mill began.

Seifer told ABC News, “There would be a brave kid that would make some comment like, ‘I heard you and Miss Barker are dating.’” Seifer would say back to the brave soul, “Really? You heard that? I hadn’t really heard that yet!”

Seifer has been a teacher at the school for 17 years and Barker began teaching there two years ago. They started off as really good friends, and then their friendship turned to falling madly in love.

Seifert decided to surprise Barker and propose at school because they met, became friends, and fell in love at that school. He felt it just made sense to ask her there.

He wanted to surprise the students but also wanted to surprise all the teachers on their team as well. The only person that knew was the principal, and she was all for it.

“I knew they (the students) would freak out, they’d get hyper and they were just overwhelmed with excitement,” Seifert said. He never knew just how very excited they all would be.

Kristine Gillespie, another fifth-grade teacher, captured the moment on video. You will love hearing the kids reaction as Seifert addresses the rumor.

The two stood at the front of the room and Seifert began with asking the kids who had heard the rumor that he and Barker were dating. They all raised their hands.

He went on to say, “The answer is yes, we are dating.” The whole room exploded with screams, ahhs, clapping, and laughter.

Seifert finally managed to quiet the kids down and continued, “And we are a little more than dating because I am completely in love with her.” The room exploded even louder.

It took a moment for the room to get quiet again. He turned to her and said, “I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs. Seifert?” as he reached into his pocket for the ring and got down on one knee.

She covered her face and immediately started to cry. She was totally shocked and surprised. The kids and teachers couldn’t contain themselves any longer … they ran to create a group hug around the couple!

“Teaching is a really hard job and it’s really overwhelming, but we love our kids,” Barker shared. “It was really special.”

The couple have children from previous relationships, so they will be joining two families together. The two plan to get married in the fall and become a family of five!

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