Two Brothers Go In Public Bathroom… But When Only One Returns, Father Reacts Immediately

Two Brothers Go In Public Bathroom But When Only One Returns Father Reacts Immediately

A Florida mother and father learned the most horrible way possible why little kids should always be escorted when they use a public bathroom.

The mother, father and their two boys were dining at a McDonald’s in Jacksonville last August when their two sons — one six years of age, the other seven — went to the bathroom together as per the “buddy system.”

Unfortunately, the system did not work. Moments later, the older boy returned to the table by himself. This troubled the boy’s parents, so his father then walked to the bathroom himself to check on his younger boy, according to The Florida Times-Union.

When the father entered the restroom, he saw a black man emerge from a stall and walk out. Inside that same stall the father found his younger boy pulling up his pants.

Without a moment to the lose, the father then hightailed out of McDonald’s and chased the pedophile, a 33-year-old homeless man later identified as Keith Andre Sykes, until unfortunately the suspect got away.

Police later found Sykes hiding in a dumpster and arrested him originally for possession of marijuana. They later booked him on a charge of capital sexual battery after he was identified by several witnesses as the suspect.

What exactly happened to the boy was not immediately known, but detectives determined that a crime had been committed after interviewing witnesses and reviewing medical reports, according to Chief Tom Hackney.

“It’s clear that some kind of sex crime happened,” Hackney said.

Sykes was reportedly not a suspect in any other sexual assaults that had taken place in the area.

For something so sickening to happen to a six-year-old boy is horrifying, though it does go to show that you should always monitor the activities of your young children.

“You never know what’s on the other side of a bathroom door,” Hackney warned local parents.

Sad, but true. While we hope that Sykes goes to prison for a long time and will cease to be a danger to young children, there is simply no knowing what other sick predator may be out there, just looking for their opportunity. Don’t give them one.

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