Twitter Mocks Maddow For Trump Tax Return Announcement [Video]

Twitter Mocks Maddow For Trump Tax Return Announcement

MSNBC was hoping to get everyone’s attention when host Rachel Maddow released a 2005 tax return from President Donald Trump.

It succeeded, but perhaps not in the way the network had hoped.

Tuesday night, Maddow gave a 20-minute commentary about the tax return and Trump, then cut to a commercial before the much-ballyhooed document was revealed.

Not only did her audience become restive during that time, commenting upon the prevalence of hype of hard facts, but Maddow also ended up being scooped. The Daily Beast posted its story about the tax return while Maddow was winding up. Further, the Trump White House, knowing what was to come, also released the information ahead of Maddow, further deflating the hype.

Many on Twitter showed amusement as the show wore on.

The 2005 return released Tuesday night showed Trump paid about $38 million in taxes on an income of about $150 million.

Trump has refused to release his taxes despite the precedent of other presidents revealing their returns. Trump has said the reason for this is because he is being audited.

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