The Tweet EVERYONE Is Talking About Right Now

The Tweet EVERYONE Is Talking About Right Now

Sierra Marlee reports it would appear that Trump’s “Muslim ban,’ a temporary pause on immigration from terror-rich countries, is fully justified.

On Friday morning, a machete-wielding assailant stormed up to The Louvre, a French museum, allegedly carrying a suitcase. According to The Wall Street Journal, the man charged toward a soldier while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Unfortunately, he was able to scalp an officer before a French solider shot him five times, once in the abdomen. The attacker survived the bullets and was detained. It is believed he is receiving medical treatment before heading to prison.

French authorities are calling the attack “terrorist in nature” and are treating it accordingly.

It didn’t take long for word to reach President Trump, who took to social media to address the attack.

Part of his advice is “Get smart U.S.,” indicating that this could happen here if more people don’t get on board with the temporary travel ban from terrorist countries.

France is in the final months of their Presidential race and incumbent Francois Hollande has a single-digit approval rating due in part to his questionable handling of previous terror attacks.

Let’s hope that France wises up and picks a President that actually has a backbone and will properly address the very serious situation taking place within their own borders.

Note to liberals: This is exactly what we’re trying to prevent in the United States. You might be okay with this kind of thing, but we’re not going to allow anyone to be harmed if there’s even a chance that we could have prevented it.

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